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(New York) Bamboo Meets Jazz: Starlight Forest
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Celebrate the Lunar New Year with the sound of bamboo flute, performed by renowned artist Han Chung Eun and his band Forest. Well known for his genre-crossing performances from jazz to classical music to K-pop, Han creates a uniquely beautiful and energetic program that celebrates Flushing’s colorful and rich cultural heritage through the fusion of sound and rhythm with Korean, Nordic, Celtic and American roots.



Tickets: $16/$10 Members & Students


Award-winning virtuoso bamboo flutist Han Chung Eun comes to New York Flushing Town Hall to celebrate the Lunar New Year with soulful sound of Bamboo.


Trained in the tradition of Korean Court music that dates its origin back to 5th ~ 6th century, Han Chung Eun is credited for successfully taking the instrument outside of academia and gaining wide popularity and followings. In addition to many sold-out solo performances, Han collaborated and performed over the years with renowned artists such as Bobby McFerrin, Jazz saxophonist Charles Lloyd, British guitarist Martin Taylor, Swedish jazz guitarist Ulf Wakenius, Vocalist Inga Marie, and Composer and Pianist Ryo Kunihiko.


For the performance at Flushing Town Hall, Han creates a uniquely beautiful and powerful program that transcends the boundary of time and space to celebrate Flushing’s colorful and rich cultural heritage through the fusion of sound and rhythm from Korea, Brazil, Sweden, UK and America. 


Finding emotional and musical link in Låt till Far (Song of One's Old Man), Swedish folk song about father and son, Chorinho pra Sivuca based on Brazil’s popular Chorinho style, Han’s program will evoke nostalgia for the old world through our collective conscience. Dancing Wind based on Sinawi, music that accompanies rite of Shamanism to open up the heaven to commune with our soul and unravel complications in our lives, and Starlight Forest, the title of this concert and also the title music of Han’s album Forest, is based on 15th Century court music of Korea, Yemin Rak will bring out the spirit of compassion and harmony for the auspicious start of the New Year.


At Flushing Town Hall, Han will be accompanied by percussionist Jaebum Cho of “I Am a Singer” singing competition program and “TVN Saturday Night Live” house band; guitarist Hyunchang Han of legendary fusion Jazz band “Wave,” and guitarist and singer-songwriterRuvin.


Han is the 2013 recipient of KBS Gukak Award, a prestigious national award given to those with distinguished contribution to Korea’s traditional music and performing arts. Han’s recent performances include the historic inauguration of Park Geun-Hye, the first woman to be elected as President in South Korea, the closing ceremony for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival: Heritage Sunday 2013 “The S(e)oul of Korea”, 2013 NYC Winter Jazz Festival with Sunny Kim, and Opening Ceremony at 2013 Busan International Film Festival.


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