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작성일 : 16-07-22 20:23
Casting Asian Americans for TV show of MacGyver
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I am a casting director for Central Casting. I am currently working on a TV show called "MacGyver" 

which airs on CBS this Fall. 


This next episode takes place in Korea and I am looking to cast a large variety of Asian-Americans 

in the Greater Atlanta area.


We cast background in TV Shows, Movies, etc. All jobs are PAID and do not require any fees or 

experience to register or work with us!


I was hoping you could share our post to your group, or direct me to other good organizations and 

associations to reach the Asian community here in Georgia. 

Please call me with any questions 404-920-8011 or 678-686-2373.


Interested folks who would like to be on the show should email us a current photo

with height and a personal phone number and email that we can get in touch with them.  

Work will be between July 27th and August 5th.  

They can email me at with Asian Americans in the subject line.



***We highly encourage folks to come to our office and register before they work on set.  Bring a form of ID and dress to impress.  Free, no charge to register.  I have attached a flyer for your convenience. *******



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176 국가 기도의 날 Admin 05-06 596
175 신호범 전 주 상원의원 별세 Admin 04-16 720
174 Washington-주정부가 주관하는 한인커뮤니티를 위한 COVID 19 백신 관련 세미나 개최예정 Admin 03-29 908
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