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Busan (Pusan)

Busan has been Korea's principal international port city since 1878. It is a natural port with modern harbour facilities and a population of 3.8 million. In addition, it has excellent beaches, natural scenery, resorts and other tourist attractions.

Yongdusan Park: Yongdusan Park provides a pleasant touch of greenery on a hill in the heart of the city. It is also the site of Busan Tower, whose observation deck affords a spectacular view over the city and on clear days you may see the coast of Japan.

Jagalchi Fishery Market: Jagalchi Fishery Market is situated right at dockside and it comes alive early each morning when the fishermen bring in their catch. The colourful spectacle is a great attraction for tourists and camera buffs.

Taejongdae Park: Taejongdae Park is on the tip of Youngdo Island south of the downtown area. It is a very hilly area, heavily forested with rugged cliffs dropping straight down to the sea.

UN Memorial Cemetery: The Korean War (19501-53) dead from the sixteen UN allies rest in honoured serenity and it is unique in the world.

Beomosa Temple: One of the largest temples in Korea, Beomeosa was originally founded by Great Monk Uisang in A.D.678. There are many ancient relics in the temple and it has a grand view as well.

Haeinsa Temple: Haeinsa Temple located in Mt. Kayasan, the fifth national park, houses the world famous collection of more than 80,000 wooden printing blocks which compose the Tripitaka Koreana (Buddhism scripture).

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Korean festival
Korean festival
Korean festival
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Jeju (Cheju) Island
Busan (Pusan)
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