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Korea's Music Festivals - Heaven for Music Lovers!

Korea's Music Festivals - Heaven for Music Lovers!

Korea is host to an increasing number of world-class music festivals that attract both local and international performers as well as enthusiastic audiences from both home and abroad. Some of these festivals are also being promoted as tourist attractions, providing visitors to Korea with unique and memorable experiences.

Let's take a look at some of these festivals, focusing on the ones that you can still catch in 2013.

1. 2013 Incheon Pentaport Music Festival 

The Incheon Pentaport Music Festival is one of Korea's best-known outdoor music festivals. Held over approximately two months each summer, the festival features performance by a wide variety of artists on both indoor and outdoor stages.

Starting as a rock festival in 2006, the Festival takes its name from Incheon's Pentaport city project, a five-port concept that comprises a 'tri-port' (airport, ports, port information) - the original concept devised in the late 1990s -a business port, and a leisure port. The city is also aiming to develop Pentaport a center of live music in Asia.

This Festival has five main programs:

Music Spots! - conferences, exhibitions, and business matching that aim to develop the music industry
Penta Super Rookie! - music competition for promising artists
Community Arts! - music parades and street performances
Live Club Party! - live club partying and music
Outdoor Music Concert! - K-Pop and rock concerts

Incheon Pentaport Music Festival opens on July 13th and is scheduled to run until September 14th. Why not come on over and join the fun?

Incheon Pentaport Music Festival:

2. Jarasum International Jazz Festival  

Celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2013, the Jarasum International Jazz Festival has welcomed more than 1.17 million visitors since its inception despite running for just 3–4 days each year.

Defying the stereotype of jazz as a serious, introspective genre only, the Festival focuses on upbeat music and fun events, and has gained a reputation for making jazz approachable for everyone.

This year the Festival will take place over 4 days October 3–6.

Among the artists due to perform are:

October 3rd: Jo Young Deok Trio, Erik Truffaz Quartet, Abdullah Ibrahim
October 4th: Nuevo Tango Ensemble, Miroslav Vitous, Lars Danielsson Trio, Madeleine Peyroux
October 5th: Jacob Karlzon 3, Steve Gadd Band, Youn Sun Nah
October 6th: Waldermar Bastos Band, Ibrahim Maalouf, Anna Maria Jopek

Camping is possible at camping grounds nearby the stage, and tents can be also rented on site.

Jarasum International Jazz Festival:

3. MU:CON Seoul 2013 

MU:CON Seoul 2013 is a K-POP festival taking place at Hongdae and Gangnam, two of Seoul's youthculture hotspots. Featuring a variety of K-POP, K-ROCK, and Hip-hop performances, MU:CON is a great chance for K-POP fans to enjoy their favorite music.

MU:CON Seoul 2013 also acts as a forum where Korean and international musicians can exchange ideas and information to develop the music industry and also where the music industry and other industries can come together.

MU:CON Seoul 2013 takes place over 4 days October 10–12. For K-POP fans, it is a perfect opportunity to see some of your favorite K-POP stars!

Korea also hosts a number of other music festivals throughout the year. If you are planning a visit to Korea, why not check out one of them during your trip!

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Korea's Music Festivals - Heaven for Music Lovers!
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