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(Atlanta) 서바이벌 오디션 시즌5 < KPOP STAR Season 5 >


 < KPOP STAR Season 5 > 


 Program Information


<K-pop Star> Season 5 goes to Atlanta!!

YG, JYP, Antenna Music! 

South Koreas largest entertainment agencies and top judges!

Winner - Opportunity to become part of South Koreas top entertainment agency and release your own album!


Reveal your talents now at K-pop Star! You are the next K-pop Star.

 How to Apply

Application Deadline : 18 may 2015 ~ The day of Audition

The Day of Audition :  8 August 2015 (SAT)Sonesta Gwinnett Place Atlanta

                      (1775 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth, GA, 30096, USA)

How To Apply  :

1. Download and Fill out the Application Form (
2. Send the Form to the local manager (
3. Participate in the Audition / 8 August 2015 (SAT)


* If you want more information

visit official website (



*YouTube Audition

YouTube Audition Information

If you currently live too far to come for the auditions in USA and CANADA
(New York, LA, Atlanta, Chicago, Vancouver, Toronto),
you can apply thru YouTube (see the information below)

Even if you have uploaded your video clips on websites other than YouTube, you can still apply for ourthrough the links you've posted.

How To Apply the Youtube Auditions
  • Log in to YouTube (use your personal ID) and Upload your video(dance, sing, and any talent you want to show)
  • Copy the URL of your video
  • Visit our official website
    Click [Youtube Audition] button located in very first page.
  • Click [Youtube Submission] button below.
  • Type in your email and password (four digit number) to log-in.
  • Put your accurate personal information (email address, home address, phone number, etc) on the submission page, then paste the Video URL. Click Submit button.

You can check your application after you submit. Click [YouTube Submission] button again,and type in the email address and password you entered.

We will notify you the result by email or phone-call only if you pass the audition. We do not notify the result individually to those who did not pass the audition.

*Global Audition

Global Audition Information
  • Audition Locations :
    New York, LA, Atlanta, Chicago, Vancouver, Toronto
    (Orders are irrelevant)
  • Application Deadline :
    May 18, 2015 ~ The day of Audition
  • Audition Date :
    - Vancouver, CANADA : 1 August 2015
    - Los Angeles, CA : 8 August 2015
    - Atlanta, GA : 8 August 2015
    - New York, NY : 15 August 2015
    - Chicago, IL : 15 August 2015
    - Toronto, CANADA : 12 September 2015
    (Specific location will be announced in later date)

Anyone who live far away from the Audition Location. (if you live in Europe etc.) 
can apply thru YouTube Channel. (see the YouTube Audition Section in very first page)

If possible, please try to come to one of the locations listed above.

How to Apply
  • Download and Fill out
    the Application Form
  • Send the Form to
    One of the Listed
    email address
  • Participate in the Audition
    (Must bring your
    Application and proper ID)
  • Click the button below and Download the application
  • If you can speak Korean, please fill out the application in Korean.
  • Please send email to one of the following location's address.
  • All contestants who submit the application can come to the Audition site.
  • Provide accurate personal information (Email Address, Home Address, Phone Number, etc) to notify you the result of preliminary round audition.
How to Participate the Audition
  • Specific Time & Location of the Audition will be announced later date.
  • Must Bring Your...
    • - Official ID (Passport, Driver License, etc)
    • - Application (print out and must attach your picture)
    • - Agreement Form (Regional laws apply, will be announced later)
  • Details about the Audition will be sent out via emails or a phone call (date, time, location)

Walk-in Application available. You can apply on the day of the Audition.
Show up to the venue with proper ID that have been mentioned above.

서바이벌 오디션 <K팝스타시즌5

시즌박지민이하이 시즌악동뮤지션” 시즌3 “버나드박” 시즌4 “케이티김” 까지!

스타 탄생신화를 이어가고 있는 <K팝스타>!

<K팝스타>시즌5에서 애틀랜타를 찾아갑니다!!


YG, JYP, 안테나뮤직국내 최대 기획사와 최고의 심사위원!

최종 우승자는 최고의 기획사에서 음반발매 기회 제공!


세상을 놀라게  K팝스타!  당신을 기다립니다 


 애틀랜타 오디션 지원 내용

 지원 기간 : 2015년 5 18 ~ 8 8

● 오디션 장소 및 날짜 :  Sonesta Gwinnett Place Atlanta, 2015 8 8

                        (1775 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth, GA, 30096, USA)

 지원 방법

-> K팝스타 홈페이지  ( )에서  해외  오디션  클릭!

-> 지원서 다운로드

-> 지원서 작성  메일 ( 지원서 첨부해서 발송

-> 8월 8일 (SAT)  애틀란타 현지 오디션

게시글을 twitter로 보내기 게시글을 facebook으로 보내기 게시글을 Me2Day로 보내기 게시글을 요즘으로 보내기 게시글을 구글로 북마크 하기 게시글을 네이버로 북마크 하기
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Ticket & Donation


  사라 박 부동산
  Normas Realty & Associates
  애틀랜타 부동산 문의!!
  470-779-6080(cell) Sarah Pak
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