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New Samsung Device Bridges Gap Between PCs and Tablets

Samsung Electronics has launched a personal computer that combines the advantages of a tablet and a laptop, it said Wednesday.

The 12.9-mm thick Slate PC Series 7 claims to offer the portability of a tablet and the performance of a laptop. It comes armed with Microsoft's Windows 7 OS, enabling users to work in Office programs like Word and Excel, but at a fraction of the size of normal laptops.

"Since it weighs just 860 g, people can carry this anywhere they go, as though it were an [Apple] iPad or [Samsung] Galaxy Tab," said Nam Sung-woo, vice president of Samsung Electronics.

The new slate PC boasts a fast data-processing speed and can start up in just 15 seconds using a flash memory chip. With the touchscreen function, users can work by simply tapping the display, or connect to a wireless keyboard to type out documents. The device costs around W1.7 million (US1$=W1,118).
[이 게시물은 Admin님에 의해 2011-11-10 08:41:38 Korean News에서 복사 됨]

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New Samsung Device Bridges Gap Between PCs and Tablets
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