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(Atlanta)Exibition of Works by Ki Chang Kim

Oct. 16, 2009 - Nov. 15, 2009
Atlanta conservatory Art Gallery

Unbo Kim Gi-chang was born in Seoul, 1914 and when he was 16 years old in 1930s he commenced to study drawings under Idang's teaching.

He was first debuted at the Chosun Drawing exhibition held in May 1931. During the period of 1931-1940, he was consecutively awarded at the exhibitions.

In addition he won the remarkable following prizes; 2nd May culture prize in 1963, the 12th Sangil Culture award in 1971, the citizen's merit "Moranjang" of 1981 and Seoul city culture award of 1986.

Through the long period of about 60 years of painting experience from early beginning of 1930s up to the latter part of 1980s, he has shown own exclusive processes of the developed course.

It was a course where he continuously transfer his endless formative anxiety into the works.

Furthermore it was indebted to his artistic progressiveness and a practical trial course where he tried to have own revolutionary behavior to escape from imitation pattern of the existing drawings.

Unbo's artistic path has formed the original art world and secured the second to none position in Korean drawing circle.

한국현대미술의 거장 운보(雲甫) 김기창화백(1914~2001)의 판화 전시회가 16일 귀넷플레이스몰 내 컨서버토리 아트갤러리에서 개막됐다. 이번 전시회에는
한국현대미술의 거장 운보(雲甫) 김기창화백(1914~2001)의 판화 전시회가 16일 귀넷플레이스몰 내 애틀랜타 컨서버토리 아트갤러리(원장 박민)에서 개막됐다. 이번 전시회에는 '청산비학' '소와 소년' 등 운보의 대표작과 한복 입은 예수 등 한국화된 성화도 함께 전시돼 관심을 끌고 있다. 전시회는 내달 15일까지 계속된다. 갤러리는 귀넷플레이스몰 1층 벨크백화점 입구 앞에 위치해 있다. 주소: 2100 Pleasant Hill Rd. #C02, Duluth, GA 30096 문의: 770-242-0099(중앙일보), 678-531-8787(갤러리)

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