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Movie My Way’s Japanese poster: Odagiri Joe before Jang Dong Gun

My Way, a movie directed by Kang Jae Gyu and produced by joint production between Korea, China, and Japan, is released in Korea in December. With its release date confirmed as December 22, it is considered to be released on December 21, a day earlier, after watching the situation for distribution.

For this thirty-five-billion-won blockbuster film, there’s already intense promotion going on. There still is more than a month left until it is released in Korea, but the promotion has already been started with a large number of advertisements such as banner advertisements on major portal websites. Japan, as well, started promoting the film although its release date is January 14 next year.

My Way is a movie about a friendship between a Korean man and a Japanese man who have competed against each other as marathon players in the period of Japanese occupancy but build their friendship while battling against the German and the Russian after being drafted into the Japanese army. Starring Jang Dong Gun from Korea, Odagiri Joe from Japan, and Fan Bing Bing from China, it is released in all three countries – Korea, Japan, and China. The release date in China hasn’t been confirmed yet, but there seems to be no problem in the release because Chinese top star Fan Bing Bing invested in this film.

Korea and Japan are understandably promoting the film depending on their own sentiment. In the meantime, there has been a controversy over marking East Sea as Japan Sea.

The movie posters of Korea and Japan are also different. The Korean teaser poster shows Jang and Odagiri staring toward the front side of the poster walking with other soldiers. Of course Jang is on the left with its focus on him.

On the other hand, the Japanese poster focuses on Odagiri. There are both Odagiri and Jang’s faces, but Odagiri’s face is on the left side in the bigger size.

While Korea and Japan are battling for My Way, which each country’s pride is on, it is attracting attention to how it is going to turn out at the box office in both countries.

Source: Starnews

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Movie My Way’s Japanese poster: Odagiri Joe before Jang Dong Gun
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